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What is MP45?
MP45 is the best gym workout on the planet! MP45 is a 45 day workout training program, meal plan guide, and motivation routine designed to get you in the best shape of your life. MP45 details the right types of training, nutrition, and recovery aspects to maximize muscle growth and shred fat in the fastest time possible. You’ll also receive valuable motivational advice to continue training hard and eating healthy so you can get the results you desire. You’ll never need a personal trainer or another workout program or routine again. Every exercise and every meal is all mapped out for you in MP45. By the end of the 45 day program, you will look and feel better than ever and understand the ideal approach when it comes to your fitness and diet routine. All it takes is just 45 days!

What do I receive exactly?
You get three downloadable programs when you purchase MP45. You get a full training guide and nutritional guide (explaining the science behind how your body responds to food and exercise) and the full 45 day plan (listing all the workouts to do and every meal to eat). MP45 instantly delivered in a downloadable link right to your email and can be read on your computer or any mobile device. There is no shipping charge or waiting time for any downloadable product. You can get started in just minutes with this program. Also, you’ll receive 3 special bonuses for free!

What about the special free bonuses?
Great news! With your purchase of MP45, you also get free access to our Fit Foods Cookbook, which showcases 100 healthy, tasty and easy to make recipes. You’ll also get our two best-selling workout music albums. All this is free with your purchase of MP45!

How can I pay for the program?
All you need to do is click the “SIGN UP NOW” button on MP45.com to be taken to the order page to purchase. From there, you can either pay through your PayPal account or you can pay with a major credit card. You will be able to enter your information very easily and very securely.

I don’t live in the United States. Can I still receive this program?
Great news – It doesn’t matter where you live! You can certainly get MP45 and all the special bonuses in any country you live in. All you need is an email address. You can get started with the program in just minutes!

Who is MP45 for?
MP45 is for anyone who wants to gain muscle and burn fat rapidly regardless of your current fitness level, goals, age, or gender. MP45 is the best gym workout program based off a gradual progressive approach that eases you into the intense training over the course of 45 days. You start off very gradually and learn the basics, which even the most advanced lifters learned wrong or failed to implement properly. By the end of the program, you will learn how to effectively implement and perform super advanced techniques to build muscle and burn fat faster. You will also learn the right types of meals to eat and specific nutrition habits to maximize your muscle growth and fat burning capabilities. Most importantly, you will look and feel better than ever after the program is completed. Whether you’re a beginner, young athlete, advanced lifter, or even an elderly male or female, MP45 is the perfect program for you.

What will I learn with MP45?
In addition to getting the full 45 day workout and diet plan, here’s just a small sample of what you’ll learn:

How diet and squats are more important than actual abdominal exercises for getting a six pack

Why calories don’t matter as much as the foods you eat

How cheating with high calorie foods actually helps your cause

How a shark consistently eats fatty creatures (sea lions & seals) and can stay so lean, while you can’t

Why eating a lack of calories can actually put on fat

How you’ve been brainwashed to think you need hundreds of grams of protein per day even though vegetarian bodybuilders have some of the best bodies in the world

If you aren’t gaining strength every week then you are wasting your time in the gym

You must reach failure, but your definition of failure and mine are on completely opposite ends of the spectrum

Why creating the proper hormonal environment in your body is more important than the hours you spend in the gym

How to implement the Minimum Effective Dose to stimulate the most muscle

How to gain strength on your bench press, squat, and deadlift (and other exercises) every single week

How to break out of plateaus by simply using this one tiny trick in the gym

What foods to eat at specific times of the day to burn fat

How to stimulate more muscle fibers during all of your exercises

How to increase testosterone and natural human growth hormone levels naturally

The two anabolic times of the day to eat for muscle without putting on fat

The truth about what it takes to build muscle and burn fat at the same time

What types of carbohydrates you should eat and in what amounts to stay lean

How much protein to eat per day to build muscle and not gain fat

What your daily proportion of protein/carbohydrates/fats should be

What your pre-bedtime meal should be to stay anabolic while sleeping

How to incorporate cheat meals to boost fat burning

How to build functional strength for your sport

What your pre and post workout meals should be

How to cut down your cardio time while burning more fat in the process

How to make your workouts shorter, more effective, and more efficient

The rep and set range you need to use for the most muscle gains

The BEST exercises for muscle growth

The easiest way to set up your nutrition to burn fat around the clock

How to find your daily calorie needs based upon your own body type

How many days to train and how many muscle groups to do at once

How, what, and when to eat to gain muscle and lose the pounds

How many workouts a week is best for losing fat and gaining muscle

The most important times to take protein

How to set up your weight lifting and cardio routine to maximize fat loss

The absolute best protein, carb, and fat sources and how much to eat

And much more! You will become an expert in training and nutrition and you will be able to teach your family, friends, teammates, and colleagues the ropes to get their bodies in shape like you will do over these next 45 days!

What can I expect to see in 45 days?
MP45 users experience tremendous increases in strength and endurance while building lean muscle mass and burning a ton of fat in the process. Some users have even noted that they doubled their strength and cut body fat percentage in half! Regardless of your goals, MP45 will help you reach significant changes to your physique in just over 6 weeks. The testimonials speak for themselves!

Why is MP45 the best gym workout & meal plan guide?
First off, the transformations speak for themselves. This is due to MP45’s revolutionary methodology that has taken the fitness world by storm. MP45 uses High Intensity Stimulation Training to build muscle and torch fat long after the workout is over. It does this by triggering the proper release of hormones. Changing your body composition is about creating the proper hormonal environment in your body, which MP45 stresses more than anything through its training, nutrition, and recovery aspects. This is a new form of training that combines bodybuilding great Mike Mentzer’s High Intensity Training and the training of elite athletes to create the ultimate program. Not only will you build lean muscle mass but you’ll torch the fat cells in the process. But it doesn’t stop there. It also uses High Intensity Cardio Training, a new form of cardio proven to retain muscle mass while shredding more fat than traditional methods. The bottom line is that MP45 will show you everything to eat, meal by meal, for all 45 days and every workout to implement (exercises, reps, sets, rest periods, tempo, etc.) to get you ripped and muscular faster than you ever dreamed possible. Personal trainers and most fitness products focus on training. However, 70-80% of the results you will see come from diet alone. We do not neglect any aspect and we’re right with you during every meal and every workout for all 45 days for the price of a one hour personal training session.

What types of exercises are in MP45?
MP45 focuses mainly on compound workouts, which are the best gym workouts you can do. Compound exercises require the most amount of work and increase production of testosterone, human growth hormone, and fat-burning hormones. For instance, squats not only work every muscle group of your legs, but also your core, lower back, and traps amongst dozens of other tiny muscles. This is going to stimulate the most muscle and burn the most calories, which help build more muscle and burn more fat. Compound movements also stimulate more hormonal release, which is vital to muscle growth and fat loss. Isolation exercises, by its very nature, never allow the body to truly reach the intensity required to release growth hormone or testosterone. The guys and girls with the best bodies go to the gym to perform heavy, compound movements such as squats, bench press, and snatches. Those who focus on isolation exercises as the main part of a training routine or program are the ones who rarely see any progress. Your muscles respond when they are presented with a stimulus that forces them to grow. Therefore, you want to challenge your muscles with exercises that present the greatest amount of difficulty. You need to do compound movements to fully stimulate the muscles and promote muscle growth. You will also incorporate H.I.C.T. (High Intensity Cardio Training), a new form of cardiovascular training proven to retain muscle mass while shredding significantly more fat than traditional methods. To make the most of your cardio, it needs to be intense. Slow and steady cardio does not provide any real good results. Jogging slowly is not much more effective than walking and often results in little to no increase in aerobic capacity, anaerobic capacity, VO2 max, basal metabolic rate, fat oxidation, or fat burning potential. With H.I.C.T., you will do a lot of intervals on machines like the treadmill, bike, and stairs. These workouts will torch your fat cells and turn you into a real lean machine.

Can you do MP45 at home?
The MP45 Program highly recommends a gym. However, 80% of the results you will see will be without a gym at all. Diet is most important in changing your physique. MP45 spells out exactly what to eat for every meal of every day during the program. Second, half of the training consists of cardiovascular training, which can be done without a gym at all – preferably outside. However, of course the weightlifting at the gym should be a staple of your routine if you really want a big increase in muscular definition and strength. Weightlifting will also compound the effects and will provide you with lean muscle tissue, strength, and fat burning capabilities. The gym has all the tools at your disposal essential for changing your body. Think of it like this. If you are an accountant or lawyer, you can do your job with a pen and paper. The profession existed long before the Internet. However, just think about how the profession has expanded and how much more efficient the people in it are by using a computer and email. With the gym, your results will be expedited and exponentially greater.

Will this program help me become more athletic?
Yes, this program will help you in all facets of your athletic career. First, it will increase your explosiveness, dynamic cutting ability, stamina, strength, and overall athleticism. When you increase your explosiveness by training like an athlete, not only do you burn body fat and build strength and muscle mass, but you also boost your 40 yard dash time, you increase your vertical jump, and any kind of drill that tests explosiveness, which ultimately determines the sheer number and responsiveness of your fast twitch muscle fibers. MP45 focuses on working on your fast twitch muscle fibers throughout the entire program. As far as the improvements made on an individual level, that will differ for everybody based on a wide number of factors – your starting point, your genetic composition, your muscle fiber makeup, how hard you work, etc. Second, MP45 relies on a lot of cardiovascular conditioning through anaerobic and aerobic training as well as drop-sets, strip-sets, supersets, forced reps, and burnout sets, which rely on multiple energy systems. This will have unprecedented effects on increasing your VO2 max that has a direct effect on your stamina levels. Furthermore, it is not unusual for users of MP45 to notice a huge increase in strength throughout the 45 days. This is because MP45 focuses on the theories of progressive overload, muscle confusion, and hypertrophy by implementing the right weight training techniques. Many of these techniques have been adopted from legendary bodybuilder Mike Mentzer and slightly altered to maximize muscle development in all-natural gym-goers.

Can I do normal athletic practices during the program?
Yes, you can continue to work on your athletics. It is highly encouraged for you to hone in on your athletic training in conjunction with the MP45 training regimen. The creator of MP45, Jaret Grossman, implemented and performed the workout routines stressed in MP45 all throughout his collegiate wrestling career. This is what allowed him to be one of the strongest pound for pound wrestlers in the country. He thereby out-muscled and out-conditioned every one of his opponents on his way to becoming a 3x collegiate All-American wrestler. In addition, this program will provide you with an unprecedented level of mental toughness that your teammates and opponents cannot even fathom, let alone match. Your intensity levels will be tested. When you are done with this program, you will be a changed and better athlete forever.

How many off days will I have during the program?
The program is 45 days long and you are always guaranteed to have at least one day of rest per week. However, it is usually two days of rest per week and you are working out different body parts and focusing on different things each day so your body has adequate time to recover. Recovery is a large element to the program that is stressed greatly. However, you also want to have frequent workouts if you are trying to effectively burn body fat and build lean muscle, so there needs to be a proper balance. However, no workout will ever last more than one hour. Studies consistently show that the body is very responsive to long workouts in a negative way, increasing cortisol (a stress-induced hormone that eats away at muscle tissue and often puts on unwanted body fat) and decreasing production of testosterone (an anabolic hormone that is largely responsible for muscle building and fat burning). That’s why we keep your workouts short and intense and never go beyond an hour of straight training.

What is the MP45 diet plan like? Can I afford it?
In terms of the foods in the diet, MP45 maps out a nutritional regimen for you – meal by meal. The nutritional program focuses on eating small meals every 2-3 hours. First and foremost, when consuming 6-7 frequent meals in a day, you actually consume less total calories throughout the day than if you ate three larger meals. Spikes in blood sugar and insulin releases are often what cause weight gain so these meals in MP45 are specifically designed to prevent that. The meals are very easy to prepare and require minimal preparation and cooking. The basic foods win when it comes to improving your physique and mental well-being. The meals listed in MP45 are very affordable. You can eat healthy for under $30 a week, believe it or not. MP45 also has some cheat meals and a very high carbohydrate day each week so you can eat whatever you want! These spikes in calories are important for psychological reasons and physically give your metabolism a slight boost to help ramp up fat-burning capabilities when you return to the normal foods again.

How is the diet plan in MP45 different between male and female vs different body types?
MP45 is perfect for any male or female of any differing height or weight. The nutritional plan is based on a 180 pound active meal. Therefore, when calculating portion sizes, all you need to do is divide your weight by 180 pounds and multiply that number by the amount of carbs/protein/fat described in the plan to calculate your proper portion size. (i.e.- If you weigh 120 pounds, you will do: (120/180) * 40g carbs from oatmeal = 26.67g carbs from oatmeal).

Will I build muscle with this program or burn fat?
The best thing about MP45 is that anyone can do it and benefit from its amazing workouts and meal plans. Jaret Grossman, the creator of the program, can best illustrate this. Jaret was 98 pounds as a high school freshman. In just under 2 months, he gained over 40 pounds. In just a few short years, Jaret more than doubled his weight to 200+ pounds while keeping his body fat levels at 6%. He did this all by just following the methods that he further developed in MP45. At the same time, MP45 has transformed overweight individuals and made them see their six-pack again. The testimonials on sportprodigy.com/mp45 speak for themselves. The program relies on weightlifting, anaerobic cardiovascular conditioning, and the right nutritional techniques. These things all act as an equalizer for your body. Whether you are skinny or overweight, there is really only ONE way to get fit! It starts with training hard and eating right. The body fat will strip off and the muscles will grow! Furthermore, the more muscle you have, the more body fat you burn. Looking lean is about body composition – the ratio of muscle to fat on your body. Generally, your abs will not show until you are under 10% body fat. So who cares how much you weigh? The mirror should be your gauge and MP45 relies on techniques that get your body fat down, blinded by weight.